Charth Vader

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Charth Vader’s website

Charth Vader is the alter ego of Charlie, my third and youngest child. Charlie is the baby of the family – he’s sweet, funny, and lighthearted, but he has always been obsessed with Darth Vader. Just like his brother, Charlie is visually impaired. He has a condition called Ocular Albinism, which means that even with glasses, his vision is limited. While this can be a great disadvantage, it makes him “see” the world in a totally unique way.

Charth Vader is a little guy in a big world, and is constantly frustrated by how little power he has. He is willing to use his Jedi powers to get what he wants. I think that Charlie is going to need that kind of persistence in life – hopefully for good, not evil.

The Charth Vader book is published by Peanut Press Books. Find out more here.